Victory Baptist Church, Peterborough is a cooperating congregation with other Independent Baptist Churches around the world. Click here to read about our beginnings in 1983, and our subsequent history. We are a Bible believing and preaching church, and function consistent with traditional Baptist Distinctives. Our services are traditional, and emphasize the Bible as the only true guide to Salvation (Solus Scripturus).

Our Sunday School serves all age groups from newborn (our nursery is always open during Services, Sunday School, and at other times when church activities are occurring), through Adults (of all ages).  Sunday School starts at 9:50 AM every Sunday (weather permitting), and is a time of active Biblical Teaching and Discipling.  Our morning Service follows at 11:00 AM.  This is a very warm and outgoing congregation, so it is not unusual for impromptu fellowship to last into the early afternoon.

Evening Services start at 7:00 PM from Labour Day through the end of May, with summer hours commencing one hour earlier (6:00 PM), preceded in each case by a men’s prayer meeting, 15 minutes before the hour.  Our mid-week Service, each Wednesday, includes a time of Worship and Bible Study, followed by a time of Corporate Prayer.  Other activities are referenced on both our monthly calendar, and the ticker on the home page.

While we consider the Bible as our sole guide for Christian Living, we do use a Church Covenant and a Statement of Faith to ensure that our membership is moving in the same direction, and that potential new members understand what we are all about.