History of Victory Baptist Church

 Starting Small

In the fall of 1983, a small group of believers called a still young, 28 year old named Wayne Jupp to pastor and seek to rebuild what had for a short while been a growing denominational Baptist church in the city of Peterborough.  Pastor Jupp travelled each weekend to Peterborough from Windsor for well over a year while finishing a Master’s Degree in Public Administration.  During this time Pastor Jupp attempted to find a resolution to the massive debt problem at the Peterborough church.  After a year of travelling, it was apparent that the church would not be able to pay its debts without a miracle. The debt interest and utilities exceeded the small income from the few members that remained, but the assets were greater than the debt.

At the beginning of the year 1985, when all seemed lost, God stepped in. Pastor Jupp proposed a plan to try to sell the building and pay the debt.  The major debt holders were opposed to the selling of the property as a resolution to the debt problem. They gave notice for full payment of their bonds, giving the church ninety days to repay.  Miraculously the property was sold to the curling club; the bondholders were paid in full and all the debts of the church were settled.  The congregation unanimously decided to close the former church and donate the remaining assets of approximately $280,000 to a new church that would be started. The new church was chartered with a new charitable donations number, constitution and charter membership. They determined that they would not seek denominational membership but would fellowship primarily with other Independent Baptist Churches.  This was in keeping with the convictions of Pastor Jupp pertaining to the King James Bible, evangelism, the leadership of the pastor in spiritual matters and ecclesiastical separation. The name of Victory Baptist Church was suggested by Mrs. Shirley English to which the charter group agreed, and Victory Baptist Church was formed.

The Early Days

The Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches (FEBC) conferred denominational membership on the church without the church’s request or application.  Although neither the pastor nor the church participated in denominational activities, the church continued to be listed. As the FEBC commitment to neo-modernism increased, a formal request for removal was made, thus making perfectly clear our opposition to modernism.

Pastor Jupp and his young family moved to Peterborough in the summer of 1985 and Victory Baptist Church held its first two services in a banquet room at the Rockhaven Motel.  Four committed families and a few precious ladies started with the Jupps.  In August of 1985 the official opening service was held at Keith Wightman School.  The following year the church was able to rent the Seventh Day Adventist church building which had housed the former Bethel Baptist Church, closed in the seventies.  That church had been closed because it was deemed to be in an “impossible-to-build-a-Baptist-church” location, though the time Victory Baptist Church spent there, proved to be a great time of growth and many people were saved.

A bus ministry thrived with rented buses; street preaching was a weekly occurrence; door to door soul winning was fruitful and Victory Baptist Church was firmly established.  Land was purchased on Lansdowne Street West.  It had to be rezoned and research began on how to most economically build a facility.  During the planning phase, the church was asked to vacate the SDA building, and moved to the building of the Springville United Church, sharing that facility with the United Church congregation. These premises being out of town proved a difficult location.  It was our time in the wilderness.

Building on Lansdowne

Victory Baptist Church broke ground for the current building in the spring of 1988.  Pastor Jupp took on the role of contractor and the building was sub-contracted.  Through cost saving, volunteer labour and prayers of the saints, the building was constructed.  It was a labour of love. Knowing the dreadful consequences of debt, the church was determined not to fall into the same trap that the former church experienced.  The church plant was built within its means and as funds became available. No one can believe that the church was able to build so economically.  With some interest on the initial funds, and modest donations to the building fund the facility was completed without assuming any debt.

On Christmas Sunday in 1988, Victory Baptist Church was able to come home to its current location.  The lot to the east of the building had been rezoned and sold.  The down payment received by the church from the sale of the lot, paid for the pulpit and pews.  And so, on the first Sunday the church to God’s glory was debt-free in a beautiful yet basic facility.  The basement was not yet finished, there was no kitchen or bathroom stalls but a light snow had fallen to cover the yet to be landscaped yards and that first Sunday was yet another miracle of God’s grace.

Bringing the Gospel to the Peterborough Area

The preaching and teaching of the Word of God is foremost in the ministry of Victory Baptist Church.  Pastor Jupp is an expository gospel preacher and routinely preaches through books of the bible.  Throughout his ministry at Victory Baptist Church every book of the bible has been covered.  With the emphasis on the preaching of God’s Word, many lay men of the church as well as assistant pastors have been able to take the Word of God and proclaim its truth. The church has seen several former youth directors and youth pastors go on to start new churches.  Among them are Mike Mills, Rick Rust, John Evans, and Matthew Waskey.

Victory Baptist Church has had a vision to keep our community open to the gospel.  The Sunday School and bus ministry have always been the major means to meet that vision.  Throughout the years the bus ministry has facilitated thousands of children being introduced to the gospel through the Sunday School program. Keeping traditional small classes accompanied by a junior church has proven to provide the best opportunity to reach and disciple children.  Our teachers and workers also benefit by being provided a place to teach God’s Word and minister to the needs of the whole family.

Ministry and Missions

Victory Baptist Church has a heart for missions and is dedicated to the concept of ‘faith promise missions”, a system of financial and prayer support for Baptist Missions accomplished by annual voluntary faith promises.  Our missions at home include the bus ministry, various Nehemiah projects, Bearing Precious Seed, as well as church planting from Labrador to Saskatchewan. We also support world missions abroad in places like Asia, the Caribbean, South America and Europe.

Victory Baptist Church is a family.  It is not unusual to hear the sounds of a newborn baby or the testimony of an elderly saint at any one of our services.  From the nursery to teen activities, ladies outings to men’s meetings, church-wide suppers, workdays and events, to providing meals for a new mother, helping a senior saint to a doctor’s appointment or praying through a burden of a loved one;  Victory Baptist Church is a church home for all ages and has a place for everyone to minister.

We are Family

The history of Victory Baptist Church is still being written.  We look forward to the possibility of sharing this journey with you as we grow in our Saviour’s grace. The Bible is our text and our Lord Jesus Christ is our guide.  Our family is open to those who will share in our vision and our personal relationship with Jesus.

No matter who you are, you will always find a warm welcome when you come to worship with us!